At Connections Beauty Salon in Marbella we are proud of our range of facial care treatments that we offer.

You can view our range of salon facial treatments however here we would like to spend a little time going over the some of the benefits facial skin care.

Benefits of Marbella Beauty Salon Facial Treatments

Enjoy a pampering salon facials

The enjoyment of relaxation and pampering when you receive a salon facial treatment also provides benefits for your skin’s wellness and health. Depending on what you can afford when choosing a facial treatment will determine the benefits. There can be moisturizing, deep cleaning, stress relieve, this can cause acne, and other treatments.

Here are facial treatment benefits for you to consider.

Cleansing of the Face

Cleaning the face using a salon facial treatment product like face cream for facial massages, face packs, aromatherapy facial treatments, and other facial remedies will deep clean the skin of the face. This is used to remove toxins that are on the skin. This can be caused by grease, pollution, and dirt from everyday life. Reducing sebum, which lubricates and moisturizes the skin, is the reason to use a facial treatment to reduce the sebum. Too much of it will cause pimples and blackheads, which can cause severe outbreaks of acne. The facial treatment will open the skin’s pores removing the skin that is dead. The toxins and poisons will then be removed from the face. Exfoliating will firm and tighten the skin on the face and clean it at the same time.

Increasing Circulation in the Face

The skin layers of the face will be revived as circulation will be restored and improved by having a facial treatment. Circulation increases blood flow that is filled with oxygen to the cells of the skin. This is why skin looks like it is glowing. Skin cells will be plumped with water and nutrients that are vital. This reduces dry skin and wrinkles and the appearance of them. This is a huge benefit to receiving a facial treatment.
Vitamins, blood, and minerals are nutrients that live in blood. This helps to maintain and develop new cells for the skin as long as there is enough hydration to help the process. This will make facial skin look young and healthy once again.

Emotional Benefits

Offering relaxation that is soothing facial treatments feel wonderful. Massaging the face helps the blood flow and the circulation to increase. Using facial creams, oils, and aromatherapy that moisturize facial skin, your skin will smell great and your stress will be relieved as you will be content with peace of mind.

Using Facial Treatments for Anti-Aging

No one can stop the process of aging and in particular in Marbella the sun can speed up the process of premature ageing. With technology and many choices in facial treatments, the aging process can slow down. One benefit is looking younger. Using laser treatments or IPL, (Intense pulsed light), the skin that is dead will be removed when treated. This will increase growth of cells in the skin and help them to develop properly and increase collagen. Collagen is needed to keep the skin cells healthy and plump.

If you would like more information on the benefits of salon facial treatments then please do not hesitate to contact us at Connections Beauty Salon in Marbella.