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Connections Marbella has been recognised as a premium Guinot Beauty Salon in  Marbella. We offer a complete range of skin and body care treatments.

Guinot Treatments can delay the visible effects of ageing.

Guinot Beauty Salon and Skin Care Clinic treatments can reduce the signs of ageing and give the skin a younger appearance. Just as plants respond to nutrients and water, the skin can recharge its resources of energy and reviatalising substances that stimulate the cellular functions that make it look younger.

Remember that when you are in your 30’s is the moment to prepare for your skin’s appearance when you reach for 40’s and when you are in your 40’s you need to prepare for your 50’s.

This is particulary important in areas like Marbella and the South of Spain, where the long hours of sun can have an ageing effect.

The epidermis is composed of approximately 30 superimposed layers of cells. Each and every day a new generation of cells is produced by the basal layers which means that the epidermis is completely renewed every 30 days approximately. Guinot’s face treatments are designed for a maximum length of 30 days.

Guinot Salon Treatments are unique

Guinot was the very first to create a range of skincare and salon products containing the 56 active biological ingredient that are fundamental to cellular life. Within a hospital environement these biological active are capable of creating new skin in the case of serious burns Guinot’s research laboratories has optimized these latest techniques in order to enhance the visible youthfullness of the skin.

Guinot Skin Care Products

We hold a complete range of Guinot Skin Care Products

Guinot’s Professional Treatments available in Marbella.

With more than 30 years of professional skin car experience in Beauty Clinics and Spas, Guinot’s treatments and formulas are at the leading edge

Jeanne Bache, the owner of Connections has more than 25 years of experience as a professional Guinot Beauty therapist.of which the past 18 years in Marbella.

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