A Refreshing Holistic Exfoliation & Massage Treatment

Phytomer Oligomer Spa Massage Marbella
Phytomer Oligomer Spa

At Connections Face & Body Spa we are proud to offer the all new Phytomer Oligomer Spa treatment at our salon in Marbella.

The Treatment

The Phytomer Oligomer Spa Treatment is an exclusive new manual technique that was developed by Phytomer together with its consultant ostepath.

It is designed to relieve any type of tension in the body and to recharge and rebalance the body using:

  • A deep pressure massage that focus on the specific muscle group for an ultra relaxing effect,
  • An ultra energizing massage focusing on the energy points

A New Sensory Massage Experience

A completely holistic treatment that works on the entire body from the toes to the head. It is an all new ultra-sensory experience.

Phytomer Massage


There is a perfect eqilibrium between the light strokes and pressures and the deep massage.

This gives a a sensory awakening to every part of your body. Anywhere that there is any type of tension, the tension is gradually released as the treatment progresses.

If you would like any more informaation on the Phytomer Oligomer Spa Massage in Marbella or any of Phytomer’s fabulous treatments please do not hesitate to contact us at Connection Face & Body Spa.

The salon is located in Nueva Andalucia, close to Puerto Banus, part of Marbella municipality.