Caring for your face and how you clean it can impact the way in which you actually feel about yourself and thus your well-being. In the morning if you take the time to properly cleanse, tone and moisturise your face then you will reap the benefits both mentally and naturally…

This is the philosophy behind Dr Haushka, their range of salon treatments and their home care products available at Connections Beauty Salon in Marbella.

Dr Haushka Skin Care

Dr Haushka’s range of skin care products are designed to work in absolute harmony with the way that your skin naturally functions in order to work towards a natural changes in the skin that transform gently.

For example combining the balancing toner with the exfoliating cleanser will modify the condition of the skin whilst at the same time preparing it for the moisturisers.

The Dr Haushka range of products is made up of natural organic ingredients that are chosen specially to complement your skin and are a perfect complement to the classic Dr Haushka facial, the classic treatment that provides the foundation to a new you